Convert OST to PST in Mac and Windows

Convert OST to PST in Mac and Windows

Convert OST to PST – The Tool Preferred by Pros and Basic Users Equally!


Safe, Accurate & Fast Conversion

mac and windows

The OST to PST converter tool that works on both Mac and Windows systems

safe and secure

It is very safe and secure regards to your email data. No data loss at all.

fast and accurate

It performs fast and accurate email conversion. You will get exact copy of data.

Convert OST to PST Accurately

Are you interested in knowing how to convert OST to PST without all the challenges that otherwise trouble many? If yes, the continue reading this post. Here we are discussing the best possible way to convert your precious email files without facing any data loss. And through this brilliant approach, you also avoid damage to the folder structure and Unicode content, both on emails and headers.

The answer lies with OST Extractor Pro, a unique but very effective converter from USL Software.

OST Extractor Pro

USL Software is known for their successful line-up of email migration tools that have helped both beginners and IT experts migrate their databases with precision. Their design and development of tools offer unique perspective on migration that cannot be found elsewhere. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ shines with the similar set of functionality and polish that will make your job of converting OST to PST straightforward and professional.

ost to pst converter tool

Easy to use

To begin with, it does not suffer with a cluttered and overwhelming interface, in spite packing many features and options. The friendly and interactive nature of its UI means that you can get away with zero experience and knowledge and still come out on top of your task. Once you install and start it up, you can understand how it works through intuition alone. If you know how to do the basic tasks on computer (like sending an email), you can work your way along with this app without issues.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook for mac

Accurate Conversion

The second crucial component of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is the accuracy with which it computes the data. With the help of an advanced architecture, the software manages to process every little kb of information in your files without exceptions. The output PST files will look similar to the original OST, because they are, in ever sense, a replica of the original. They are just in different format; the rest of the content remains same.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook for Windows

Safe, No Data Loss At All

It applies even to the structure and metadata part of the files, such as folder hierarchy, headers, email addresses, text-formatting, and so on. Many traditional apps for converting OST to PST can convert the actual content, but they often fail to keep their arrangement or metadata preserved. It is often seen that the folders are not in their correct order, or the header information is lost, or some other similar errors. All such complications are thing of past now.

convert ost to pst

Advance Options

And lastly, it features customization that help everyone get the exact result they want that suits their specific needs. For instance, you do not need to convert all the folders inside the selected OST files; you can either select the folders you do want to convert or de-select the ones you do not. You can also utilize the option for “ignore all empty folders” to exclude the folders with zero emails in them. This way, the output is much cleaner than what you get with traditional means.

Get it to convert OST to PST

‘OST Extractor Pro’ also allows you to choose the desired format, PST is only one of the available formats. You can convert OST to MBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or EML files. Therefore, ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is more than a mere OST to PST converter but a fully-packed utility for most scenarios that require conversion of OST to multiple email files.

The OST file converter comes in both Windows and Mac OS version. Pick the trial version below and check it out.

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