Cannot Open OST file in Outlook for Mac and Windows?

Many have lost faith in Outlook in the past few days. Since, worldwide crash of MS Exchange server, which used to import OST files in Outlook for everyone, no help has been provided by Microsoft. For OST files, every path to Outlook seems dark and vague.

However, luckily some have stumbled upon a feasible solution. Upon investigation, we found it to be completely reliable too. This solution is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.


You have to understand that OST files are meant for offline usage only. They cannot directly work with Outlook. For that they have to be converted to PST format which is the direct working format of Outlook. Once this is done, the mailbox is upgraded; OST files are imported in Outlook.

Therefore, to open OST file in Outlook we need a tool which can convert OST files to PST format. And there are many tools made for this purpose. We tried many and most of them turned out to bogus tools.

The only sensible tool we found and which we recommend is OST Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool made it very easy to extract OST files. It extracted our OST files from all sources without discrimination. Then, they were converted to PST format with ease again.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook

The tool also allows for conversion of OST files to format of other email clients like EML or MBOX. The tool is truly versatile and has been made for any kind of OST requirement. It fulfills all of them smoothly.

OST Extractor Pro was very easy to use too. Its graphical user interface has been aptly designed to make OST to PST Conversion a soothing journey. With the help of self-explanatory features, we were able to click our way through this apparently difficult task.

There are two astonishing facts about OST Extractor Pro that we found in our journey:-

First, the tool has an impeccable understanding of modern mails. Our mails were permeated with nested mails, Meta content, text in other languages, embedded images and large attachments. Even then, OST Extractor Pro faced no hardship in converting them all to PST format. It is strikingly accurate in converting every OST file.

Second, the tool preserved folder hierarchy. It helped us through our post-conversion phase too with this added help. The arrangement of folders was not disturbed in any way, and we did not have any hardship in finding our files because of that.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook for mac

The claims about the ost to pst converter tool can be easily verified by visiting the site of OST Extractor Pro. Here you will find the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro. This demo version contains all premium features. You can exploit them to your heart’s content to get to know the tool better.

Once through the preliminary testing phase, you can look up for OST Extractor Pro’s license. The starting price is $49 which is way too cheap for a professional tool like this one.

We say get this tool right now. There is no point in wasting time!

OST to PST Conversion only with OST Extractor Pro.

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