Convert OST to Apple Mail with the simplest and most powerful tool!

When it comes to converting OST to Apple Mail, there is always a trade-off. A trade-off between either power and ease or power and safety. This means either you’ll have an accurate conversion process, but it might contain bugs and errors or vice versa. You always had to trade off one thing for the other.

But now this stop. You can have a conversion solution that provides you with not only top-quality conversion of your data but also keeps it safe during the entire process. It is also very easy to use so you don’t have to worry on that front as well. This article is all about that conversion solution. If you are interested, read on.

Converting OST to Apple Mail is a Work of Art

When it comes to converting your data, file format usually doesn’t matter. The process of migrating your data is a process that is very technically advanced. So, if you can achieve it without any problem, then it is really a masterpiece.

The need for converting OST to Apple Mail or to any other format arises due to the incompatibility. Incompatibility between how both the file formats store their data. There is a specific way in which each file stores and manipulates the data stored in it. And this applies to OST and Apple Mail as well.

The structure in which OST files store their data is completely different from Apple Mail files. So, to ensure that your data is safely converted and stored into your Apple Mail files you need to convert it into the structure preferred by the said format.

OST Extractor Pro: Making it Easy

Now that you know the need to carry out OST to Apple Mail conversion, the question that comes up is how? How does one carry out this technically advanced process? The best way to do so is with OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro is a third-party converter tool that comes to you from USL Software. It is a modern-day software application that is easy to install and powerful in working. The algorithms that the tool is based on, along with other features of the tool, help it in delivering a high-quality conversion process.

It can helps you for conversion of OST to Postbox, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MBOX, EML as well as helps it to open OST file in Outlook for Mac and Windows.

convert ost to apple mail

Some exceptional features of the tool are:

Maintains the Folder Hierarchy:

How many times you have struggled to find that important email due to messed up structure of the output files. Well, that will not be the case anymore. This tool retains how folders were arranged in the input file during your OST to Apple Mail conversion. Therefore, you get the exact same structure in the input files.

Multiple Files won’t be a problem:

The tool supports conversion of multiple files at once. This feature is known as Bulk Conversion. It allows you to speed up the conversion process by dealing with more files at the same time. This makes the process much more efficient.

Easy to Use:

The Interface of the tool is one of its standout features. It has the accuracy and safety, but the ease of usage is what makes it stand out. A clean, direct and easy to use interface, with a graphical guide to help you, makes the process much more fun.

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